This is a shot I took this week that I was really excited about. I loved the colour in the sky, and I thought it would turn out brilliantly. I wasn’t too happy with the result since the foreground turned into a silhouette, and trying to bring it back resulted in massive amounts of noise.

So far I have been using a combination of Sony’s Image Data Converter to edit my images, and it’s had mixed results. The advantage is that it lets you edit the actual RAW files, and export them as a TIFF into photoshop. I am not sure if the TIFF loses some detail, but it seems like it was limiting what I could do.

I had some free time so I decided to try out rawtherapee which was recommended by Tony Northrup on his youtube channel. I was put off at first because of the massive amount of options the program features, but I gave it a go and, after some tinkering, managed to get some nice results. There is definitely a learning curve, but the program is much more powerful…


Through a bunch of tinkering with noise reduction and exposure, I was able to recover loads of the foreground detail, making this into a much better image. There are way too many little tweaks I had to do to mention here, but I do plan on posting some step-by-step photo editing stories once I get a firm grasp of the program. I highly recommend it for anyone, especially if you don’t have the cash for lightroom.


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