Hi I’m Daniel. I’m a Canadian, currently based in the United Kingdom for work. I’m taking up photography and writing again to give myself an opportunity to be creative as my day job doesn’t always allow for it.

As a teacher, I am conscious of the learning process and how important it is to be self-critical. I often make my students write ‘learning journals’ which is basically a personal diary which documents what they have learnt in a lesson or through completing a project. Having that element of self-reflection is key to identifying what you’re doing well and what you have not got right.

The main purpose of this blog is, then, a kind of personal learning journal for me as I learn how to take better pictures. I do not intend this to be a tutorial of how exactly to do edits or take shots; those aren’t exactly hard to find. Instead, I am sharing the ‘big picture’ steps I am taking whenever I find something new.

If you are interested in a shot or effect and want more details about how it was done, please let me know. If you have any tips or criticisms, please share them as well. Learning is as personal as it is communal.


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